Guernsey Donkey Parade

John  says...

"Did you have your picture taken with me and do you have a nice picture you would like to add to this page?? My fans can send me pictures by email to 

These pics are of John when he was at Queux.


These pictures were taken on 3rd July at the project launch before all the donkeys moved to their summer locations....


The Guernsey Adult Literacy Project (GALP) is a local charity which relies on sponsorship and fund-raising activities to cover its annual running costs.
Each donkey was sponsored by a local company and the sponsors chose the name for ‘their’ donkey. All the donkeys were fitted to plinths to which are fixed plaques detailing the name of the sponsor and the designer/painter. They  remained in their positions until mid-September when they were auctioned, all proceeds going to GALP.